We specialise in creating Ring Cushions, Wedding Favours and Gift Bags for your wedding day. Each creation is available in different sizes, colours and fillings.

Our Ring Cushions, Favours and Gift Bags are individually designed, printed by hand and handmade. Each one is hand crafted, is an original textile art and made with attention to detail and care. We can make your Ring Cushions, Favours and Gift Bags in almost any size.  

All of our creations are made using vintage linen or organic hemp and cotton. Our core palette is blues and greens. Let’s discuss your ideas around colours, and work together to explore a range of colour options. We also have a monochrome collection.  

Our Ring Cushions have a length of ribbon attached to securely keep the rings in place. We can incorporate your choice of ribbon or maybe you have a special piece that you would like us to use. Would you like a square or rectangle Ring Cushion?

The Wedding Favours are available in two designs. There are Bundles of three lavender bags or single pyramid shaped lavender bags. Our Wedding Favours provide a lasting keepsake, of your special day, for your guests.

The Ring Cushions and Favours have a range of options for fillings. These include rice, British wool or our no waste fabric. In each Favour we add homegrown lavender. We will explore with you your preferences for fillings.

Our fabric Gift Bags offer an alternative for your Wedding Favours. These are individually designed, printed by hand and handmade. They are fully lined and have a double drawstring made from biodegradable Baker’s Braid or cotton rope. The Gift Bags can also be used when presenting guests of honour with a gift.

The photographs show our hand printed designs. We would like to invite you to share your ideas so that we can work together to create something truly unique and memorable for your special day. We look forward to working with you.

To discuss how we can work with you to create unique and individual Favours, Ring Cushions and Gift Bags please email or use the Contact Form to arrange a discussion. We invite you to a thirty minute telephone or Zoom consultation to explore your ideas for your Ring Cushions, Wedding Favours and Gift Bags.

We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Wedding Favours – Pyramids from £6.50 each; Bundles from £9.25 each
  • Ring Cushions – from £15.75 each
  • Gift Bags – from £10.95 each

We are excited to be working collobartivley with Magpie Wedding. Please see their Directory – Ethical Businessess.

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