Lavender Liners

Our lavender liners are handmade and hand printed on organic hemp and cotton fabric which has been carefully and ethically sourced. Because each one is hand printed we can guarantee that no two will be the same, although patterns are be similar, therefore they would make a special gift for someone you care about. Or why not treat yourself?

They have handmade sachets sewn into each corner containing home grown lavender making them perfect for clothes drawers, overnight bags or laundry baskets.

Lavender Bags

Our lavender bags are made from vintage linen or organic hemp and cotton fabric which we have hand printed using our blue and green themes. They are filled with home grown lavender from our garden. Each bag has a small hanging loop. They can be hung over a coat hanger to keep clothes smelling fresh or alternatively popped into a drawer. Because of their design they can also be used as a small paper weight.