Lavender Bag Bundles with Buttons

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These lavender bag bundles are made from vintage linen which we have hand printed using our colour palette of blues and greens. The bags are filled with home grown lavender from our garden and a sprinkling of love.

These bundles have the addition of a small button sewn in the centre of each bag. The buttons have been specially designed and hand crafted for us by Debdigsdclay and add an extra special touch. As with our fabric, each button is individually handmade, therefore no two will be the same.

They are ideal for keeping clothes smelling fresh and helping to keep moths away from precious clothes too.

The bundle consists of three small lavender bags with one large bag (approximately 9 cm x 9 cm) and two smaller bags (approximately 7 cm x 7 cm).

Please note that when ordering our lavender bag bundles, they may be slightly different from the ones shown in our images as each bag is individually hand printed and no two are ever the same. They will be predominantly blue and green.

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