Our boats are individually handcrafted decorative objects. We use recycled, repurposed and rescued wood, which is carefully cleaned and crafted to form the hulls. Each sail is a piece of handmade and hand printed textile art attached to a vintage nail, or wooden knitting needle, which represents the mast.

The wood with characteristics from its previous life along with the rusty nail or well-used wooden knitting needle and the hand printed sails create boats that have their own personalities and that are truly original. When making each boat we carefully consider the wood that is being used and think about how best to show it off to maximise its beauty. This sometimes means showing it in its raw state where the grain and knots are clearly visible. Sometimes it feels more appropriate to paint the wood to create colourful, bright hulls that are guaranteed to add a pop of colour to the finished boat.

Our completed boats always make us smile; we hope they do you too.

Please note that our boats are not sold as toys, they are decorative objects for you to enjoy in your home.