Welcome to our Inspiration page. We draw inspiration from nature, the landscapes that are around us and the seascapes of the North Norfolk and Suffolk coasts. We are inspired by the Scandi lifestyle and the principles of slow living. We would like to think that these elements are reflected in our designs. Through these photographs you will see similarities in colours, hues, textures and shapes. Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration.  

An invitation

We would like to invite you to take time to enjoy the photographs and see the spaces and places that inspire us. Please leave your feedback and also tell us what inspires you. We would love to hear from you.

A brisk January walk to blow away the post-Christmas cobwebs. This lake is close to home and is one of our regular walks. It is an inspirational place; the colours change with the weather and there is always an abundance of birdlife to observe.

A November walk along the Humber estuary and a walk through the nearby nature reserve. The weather was dry, cold and crisp. The autumn colours were amazing.

The inspirational coast

We think the North Norfolk and Suffolk coasts are inspirational. We enjoy walking around the quay, by the sea and along the shore. The colours, the big blue sky and the different shaped boats reflecting on the sea add to the inspiration. The tide ebbing and flowing, the sound of sail mast riggings clattering, and the abundant wildlife adds to the atmosphere.

Often there is an assortment of boats bobbing up and down in the quay. Their colours vary, as do their shapes and sizes. Our boats, are decorative objects, inspired by our walks, observations and fascination with these vessels. Each one we see looks different, having its own characteristics, and likewise our boats have their own personalities and characteristics. They are individually designed and handcrafted. The sails are printed by hand and handmade. Each one original textile art. The sails reflect the many shapes, colours and patterns that we remember from our happy walks by the quay and shoreline. We hope that our boats invoke as many happy memories, of time spent by the sea, for you as they do for us.

Wood: the wonderfulness of the raw with the beauty, the roughness with texture, tones and patternation, the evidence of signs of growth and the ability to transform to a creative piece.

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