I trained as a nursery nurse and progressed in my first career to management and academia. In 2020 I started a new venture and our small business was created. We specialise in Wedding Favours, Ring Bags and Gift Bags. These are all individually designed, printed by hand and handmade.

We use vintage linen or organic hemp and cotton for all our collections. Vintage linen is wonderfully tactile and has a timeless quality that holds so many narratives. We use either everyday objects, or our handcrafted wooden blocks, as our printing tools. This brings a quirky and unique dimension to our work; no two prints will be exactly the same. We collaborate with you and explore your ideas, together we create a wedding collection that is both personal and different.

We endeavour to work with the environment and are mindful of the impact we have on it. It is important that we make things that are sustainable. Our Favours, Ring Cushions and Gift Bags are a keepsake.

Images by Tracey Hunter @traceyjhunter (Instagram)