We specialise in making hand printed Wedding Favours, Ring Cushions and Gift Bags using vintage linen or organic hemp and cotton.

Within our work there is an emphasis on sustainability and working with our environment.

We are passionate about moving away from the traditional idea of favours. We do not embrace mass production, we create individually designed, printed by hand and handmade favours where there is an emphasis on sustainability.

When working with us, we encourage you to consider each guest and consider their individual likes and interests. Would it be Wedding Favour Bundles? Our bundles are three small lavender bags, carefully tied with ribbon. Each one individually designed, printed by hand and handmade. You have a choice of design, colour, size and filling, along with our homegrown lavender. Or Lavender Pyramids? Again, you choose the design, colour, size and filling. If you do not wish to include the sweet smell of lavender it isn’t a problem, we can leave it out.  

We also offer the option of Wedding Favour Gift bags. These are individually hand printed and handmade using organic hemp and cotton fabric. The gift bags are a lovely, sustainable solution for presenting guests with carefully considered favours, thereby making a truly individual and personalised experience for each guest.

We work closely with a few, carefully selected, independent small businesses who share similar values as ours. These businesses can provide a range of products for inclusion in the wedding favour gift bags. Please note that we are not responsible for purchasing these gifts but are happy to work with the businesses to ensure that our gift bags are the correct size for the gift. When doing this we will also work closely with you to confirm the correct size and design. (Please see our Terms and Conditions).

All our wedding favours offer sustainable options. In addition, our gift bags provide you with the opportunity to fill them with sustainable and eco-friendly gifts that are as individual as each guest.