Rachel Fearnley Textile Designs is a design business specialising in hand printed textiles. We create a selection of beautiful handmade gifts and products for the home with an emphasis on sustainability.

The thoughtfully designed collection is inspired by the Yorkshire landscapes that surround us and the seascapes of the North Norfolk and Suffolk coasts where we escape to whenever we have the opportunity.

Our chosen material is vintage linen or organic hemp and cotton and we use unusual and different objects as our printing tools. These are generally everyday objects that would otherwise head to landfill. We think these printing tools offer difference and a touch of quirkiness to our work.

We celebrate being a little unconventional and for being different. Our products are not mass produced, rather each piece is individually created with care and attention.

All our products are individually handmade using, wherever possible, recycled, repurposed, or rescued materials. We also create products that have more than a single use. For example, our gift bags can be re-gifted or reused; they are ideal for storing small items.

We make personally designed and ready made cushions. These are individually hand printed onto vintage linen.

Lavender Liners

Our Lavender Liners are perfect for clothes drawers, overnight bags or laundry baskets.

Gift Bags

Our Gift Bags are designed for small to medium sized gifts.


Our boats are individually handcrafted decorative objects. 

Photographs by @hollyboothstudio

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